Scandi chic with a retro touch

You might think that “retro” is just another word for old-fashioned – but nothing could be further from the truth! Retro interiors are all the rage – especially when combined with Scandinavian touches. Yes, that’s right: here at XOOON, we’re not afraid to blend styles with the latest trends. Shall we let you in on our secret?

Take the “HALMSTAD” collection, for example. It’s quite simply a match made in heaven. In our XOOON workshop, our creative designers are coming up with exciting new ideas every day.


Furniture with a retro touch

Furniture with a retro touch
β€œIn the 1920s, design and opulence were key. Nowadays, appearance always goes hand in hand with functionality.”

XOOON styliste
Nostalgia: from past to present

What exactly do we mean by retro?

At XOOON, “retro” means new products that evoke another period. Our designers find inspiration in past design trends. The HALMSTAD collection exudes the glam elegance of Art Deco, a style that was popular in the Roaring Twenties. The collection achieves a delicate balance between Scandinavian simplicity – in vogue at the moment – and the opulence and luxury of yesteryear.

β€œA functional design is the very essence of the development process for this collection.”

XOOON Brand manager
The art of materials

Vintage with Scandinavian influences

No, we’re not talking about ABBA or Pippi Longstocking – we’re referring to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Why? It’s a timeless style that offers a world of possibilities.

With the “HALMSTAD” collection, for example, we take the classic Scandi style back in time. Clean lines, dark oak, black metal and a marble look – it’s another interpretation of the Scandinavian approach. The retro details are a nod to 1920s chic. The collection is arty but simple – one of the key characteristics of a Scandinavian interior.

The pieces are also functional. The doors and drawers are fitted with a soft-close system and the compartments have LED lighting. As well as three dining tables with different dimensions, the collection also has an extending table – a great practical option if you want your home to become the place to be for family get-togethers and dinner parties with friends.

Soft pastel tones

Elegant, stylish pastel shades

The “HALMSTAD” collection goes perfectly with cool mint or pale blue tones. Our favourite combination is a lounge area featuring the “FISKARDO” sofa with pale upholstery, and a dining area with “BENTON” chairs, also in pale shades. The calm, fresh colours will contrast perfectly with the authentic, modern appearance of dark wood and black marble effect. And you will be obeying the golden rule of any Scandi-style interior by bringing light into your home.

But rules are there to be broken! You can go as far as you like: from subtle, elegant Scandinavian touches to an all-out design museum vibe. Browse the full XOOON range and try combining different furniture, trends and styles until you find the blend that suits you.

Interior design is an art. You might be one of those people with a knack for creating a home that looks like it came straight out of a catalogue – or maybe you find it a bit more tricky. If so, don’t despair – help is at hand! For inspiration and advice, head to one of our stores.

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