Airy and elegant

The simplicity of modern design

The DARWIN collection is the essence of simplicity. The timeless nature of this collection means that it can easily be associated with pieces from other XOOON ranges. The combination of white panels and wooden touches exudes serenity and luxuriousness. The handleless doors and drawers help create a sleek, uncluttered feel.

Collection "DARWIN"

Minimalist furniture in the "DARWIN" collection

Minimalist furniture in the "DARWIN" collection
Less is more

Clean lines

This collection is characterised by sleek lines, with no unnecessary details. The doors and drawers have no handles; instead they are fitted with a classy push-to-open system. The glossy white surfaces and oak wood touches further emphasise the elegant appearance of the furniture. To create a sense of depth, the compartments feature subtle LED lighting. The units also come in two different versions. Will you go for the elevated black metal legs or the low wooden feet?

Clean but colourful

Light oak with white accents

How would you describe a minimalist interior? White, empty, stripped bare? Here at XOOON, we see things differently. After all, you have to admit that that’s not a particularly appealing description! What’s important to remember is that minimalist interiors are all about serenity and space. Your furniture is the basis of your interior. White may dominate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play with subtle combinations of colours and materials. Creating contrast with elegant, modern shades will bring out the clean lines of your white furniture all the more effectively. A feature wall in a warm hue or a selection of colourful chairs around the dining table are not out of place in a minimalist interior. Our stylists’ tip is to keep it simple. Empty walls also contribute to a minimalist interior. Avoid cluttering the walls with too many decorative elements, and steer away from printed curtains. Keep any accessories on tables and units to a minimum. A few carefully chosen, original items will create the ambience you are looking for. Touches of light wood also provide a feeling of warmth, without disturbing the simplicity of the overall style. Of course these are merely suggestions. We love showing you the possibilities of this unique furniture collection, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to create your own style!

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